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Integrated Blood Collection Tube Production Line (before labeling)
Integrated Blood Collection Tube Production Line (before labeling)
Integrated Blood Collection Tube Production Line (before labeling)

It adopts brand-new online aseptic assembly and complete process semi-finished product detection techniques, better improving the stability.

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Brief introduction & Advantage
The whole production line equips with brand new online aseptic assembly and semi-finished product online inspection technology that achieve better stability, more accuracy and reliability so as to guarantee the machine keeps long term and high efficiency operation. The whole production line includes tube loading, atomization dosing, drying, stoppering & capping, vacuuming, tray loading, and etc. Easy & safe operation with individual PLC touch screen control, only need 2 workers can run the whole line well. Compared with other manufacturers, our equipment has unique features, including overall dimension is half smaller, higher automation & stability, lower fault rate and maintenance cost, and etc.

Production Procedures

Schematic Diagram

Aseptic Environment:  equipped with clean laminar flow hood and adopt with high-powered fan and HEPA, it can be operated in long term under high static pressure and keep low noise. The space cleanness can up to class 10,000 (can be optional), which is the exclusive technology in China.

Tube loading:  adopting with automatic tube loading technology, loading the tube into clamps automatically with detector for no tube or inverse direction tube. The machine apply for any kind of label tubes and solve the defect of the avo label broken of traditional tube loading machine from other manufacturers.

Atomization Dosing:  The machine adopts with a set of 5 FMI precision ceramic metering pump and 1 set of five conjoined of micro - ceramic injection pump that can dose separately for biochemical tube and anticoagulant tube (EDTA salts, heparin salt); Another set of metering pump is dosing for sodium citrate tubes. Dosing volume controlled by PLC touch screen(see parameter), the error rate is ≦ 5%, and detect for no dosing tubes during the dosing process. Compared with other companies’ machine rely on stable air supply for dosing, our technology of dosing volume will not be influenced by any factors. 3 sets of dosing system meet all kinds of blood collection tubes production, that is the exclusive and advanced technology in China.

Drying:  Adopting with six sets of dust-free PTC heating dryer to make the inner of products with zero pollution so as to improve the drying effect and production efficiency. Compared with traditional heating method, our machine solves the problem of temperature instability and pollution.

Online Stoppering & Capping:  finish the combination of stopper & cap online quickly and efficiently (apply for both type: upward and downward), and avoid the nonuniform vacuum degree when dose the tubes after the combination of stopper and cap and it may cause the stopper not seal well against tube. Detect for cap and rubber stopper and avoid the possibility of no stopper or no cap.

Main technical parameters
Tube size Diameter 13mm (length 75mm or 100mm), diameter 16mm(length 100mm)
Production capacity 12,000 ~ 18,000 pcs/hour
Stoppering & capping pass rate ≥99%
Vacuuming stopper-cap pass rate ≥99%
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Power 12KW
Air consumption: clean compressed air pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa, clean compressed air consumption: 300 L/ min
Dimensions 4.5*1.5*2.1m
Weight 2.5T